Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday and Monday(TFM, three days of hell)

Got nothing to upload so will just upload Katong Laksa for Glenn to see....

Hey guys,
Anyways......studying for Common Test(Or CA1) for Thursday, Friday and Monday....been doing well for my studies lately(Always got 2nd or 1st in tests hahas OWNAGE!) and had badminton training/tournament the whole week:
Monday: Training
Tuesday:Tournament against Greenview Secondary(WON! 3-2 w00t happy boy~)
Wednesday:Support B Boys(Sec 3-4) in match against Dunman High(Lost D:)
Thursday: Tournament against Anglican High
Friday: Prize-giving

Anyways, our school had been winning every school lately(According to order: Changkat Changi, Tampines Sec, East Spring, Bedok View, Dunman High, Bedok South, Dunman Sec and now Greenview!!!) saw my old tuition friend and an old opponent I faced when I was in primary school tournament who went to Anglican High...made good friends with my badminton seniors....gonna VS Anglican High tomorrow, wishing both teams all the to study now.....byeS!!!!

P.S.Quack Quack

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


At Ying Jin's, Soo Jun's, Chesna's, and Jia Wen's church

Waiting for Jaimelynne...

Ernest and his bright smile :D(With Kenneth and Kevin playing basketball at the side :S)
Bryan(Kong) with his mouth covered...

Handsome Jeremy with Ming En and Kevin(And Chao Shun at the side)

Glenn, Ming En, Kevin,Jeremy(Side of picture) and James trying to act cute(failed)(Yaron dont extra lar)
Smile Chao Shun and Nigel!(Darn it Yaron! Stop being extra!)

Hi guys, updated the blog cause people kept asking me to update it(Namely Ying Jin) anyways, had school until 11 where they had a Chinese New Year concert for us...Our principal suddenly came up on stage and taught us how to memorise the zodiac animals in sequence in HOKKIEN(LOL!) and everyone laughed.
Then waited outside the school for Zhen Lun and we took a bus to EPPS and met everyone(Shown on top of the post)...and then we talked to all the teachers and went to write some birthday wishes to Soo Jun on some pink and huge cardboard and then some boys made loud noises and tipped over the canteen tables and chairs, was forced out of EPPS by Mr Jeremy Ang...(Dang) then me, John Paul, Glenn, Carine, James, Jeremy, Yaron, Natalie(John's sis), Tse Han, Gracia, Ernest, Ming En,Kenneth, Charissa and Darren Ong went to the basketball court near Elias Mall but nobody played coz there were people occupying the court(Cant remember all of the people who went).
Went back home after that, and slacked until 6.25 to meet Glenn and Jeremy to go to Ying Jin's church. Glenn wore home clothing and Jeremy and I told him to wear something decent as we were going to a church and not a night market. Talked about a certain someone and then saw Chao Shun and Yaron on our way to E!Hub.
Met Soo Jun, Kennedy and Ying Jin at E!Hub and ate dinner at the food court and Soo Jun kept complaining that she could not eat with her church group.
Went to Ying Jin's church(after waiting for Jaimelynne) and proceeded upstairs...normal worship, and service(Kinda interesting :)) and then we met Chesna and Jia Wen there and saw my classmate from Ngee Ann there also...too nervous to say hello to her(LOL!) then we went to take bus back home(Ying Jin and Samantha stopped at Interchange, Kennedy and Jeremy stopped at the bus stop after that and me, Glenn, Soo Jun and Jia Wen alighted at the bus stop at Elias CC) then came back home all tired and all...well I got nothing to say already hope you guys are happy :) BYE!
P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to: Jia Jie, Carine and my cousin Andrea
and a Happy Birthday to: Charissa, Darren Ong, Soo Jun and of course...ME!(and my mum ;))

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